Special Services

Our service covers any or every stage of a job from initial design through to repro, and final print on high-techsheet fed presses that guarantee quality control.

The A.K. Enterprises concept applies to the whole of our operation, streamlined to ensure we have more time to work not only for you, but with you every step of the way.

A.K. have invested in the technology and the expertise to supply the high quality print and repro services that are always in demand. We're geared to handle one or more elements of your job, or to offer you a complete package from concepts to print.

Each of our services complements the other. Talk to our studio about design, graphics and finished art; our repro company for anything from camera work through to scanning, platemaking and final proofs.

Our Pressroom with our new Roland 4- and 2-colour presses and 5-Multilith presses can complete the chain. Applying the latest practical technology, these presses are fast, efficient and guarantee quality control from the first sheet to the last.

A.K. Enterprises flexibility means that you can confidently talk to us about any job - at any stage. The A.K. formula that quality counts and care shows applies to every aspect of our service, but is perhaps most obvious in our investment in two new Roland presses.

We've invested in the best to guarantee you the , not only in terms of quality by reliability too. Roland have been making presses for over a hundred years, and their application of technology together with precision engineering has earned them a world-wide reputation that is hard to best. The Favorit 4-colour litho press will produce excellent results on virtually any material from wafer thin paper to carton board up to a maximum sheet size of 2-520 X 720 mm. Vibrant colours, crisp images and consistent ink coverage over the whole printing area are achieved by alcohol damping, and the entire process is constantly monitored by microprocessor controls.

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