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This guaranteed quality and consistency applies not only from the first sheet to the last on the initial run; a fingerprint of the entire job is stored on tape which identically recreates the image for every subsequent run.

The R200 2-colour press, also with alcohol damping, produces the same high quality work at incredible speed; here the maximum sheet size is 520 X 740 mm.

Finishing is another area where we've invested in the best; our computerised Wohlenberg guillotine produces perfect cuts on anything from fine papers to heavy boards. And finally - folding, fold stitch trim, drilling, for brochures, booklets, posters... you name the combination, we'll finish the job.

Quality control, consistency, speed-all features of a machine room that operates a double day service to guarantee a quick turn-round when it matters most.

A.K. Enterprises offers a comprehensive top-grade service to both the printing industry and of course to ourselves. With a skilled staff and the most up-to-date equipment available, the repro centre offers scanning, camera, final films, planning, plate-making and proofing.
The centre also has a studio producing creative design, finished art and photography.
So this is A.K. Enterprises, the print and repro company that takes the time to understand your needs and is happy to work with you at any or every stage of a particular job.
A.K. Enterprises have built a well-earned reputation together with all their specialist staff demonstrating that, to A.K.,
quality counts - and care shows.

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